Monday, August 13, 2007

Splashing in the Wawa

When I wasn't practicing my breath stroke, I was doing a lot of splashing in the pool. I had a lot of fun with my fellow mermaid Nora. We did a lot of swimming, kicking, splashing, and tanning together. She is still browner than I am, but she kind of cheated because she had tanning help pre-vacation and I didn't. Could you imagine me walking into NY Sun Club asking for 15 minutes in one of their beds?


Here is a great little video that shows me learning how to swim in a non-traditional kind of way...think Blue Lagoon, but with suits on. I love the wawa. "Swimming in the Wawa" is my new favorite ditty. My true Scorpio traits come out when I am around the water. On vacation one day I was in the wawa for three hours straight!