Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope that everyone is getting their groove on- I've already begun the festivities at my place, playing some Irish jigs. Bucknell plays basketball today, so make sure you root for them as you throw back your frothy cold ones! Well I have to go practice up on my bagpiping so HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY from your favorite lass!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Grammy!

Last night we celebrated Grammy's Birthday at a yummy seafood restaurant in New York City. I felt really special because Grammy wanted me to sit on her lap all night. Nobody else got to sit on (or get fed by) the Birthday Girl. I'm pretty lucky. I was really tired because my parents took me walking all over the West Side because it was such a beautiful day. I also got to go on the swings. Some lady thought I was a boy because I have no hair and she even said "Look at that little boy wearing ballet slippers". My mommy told me later that I shouldn't worry about it because that woman was obviously very "out of touch" with the real world. I thought she was just stupid. But Grammy's Celebration was a lot of fun and she doesn't look a year older at all (even though I never saw her a year ago because I am only 10 months).

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Playing Tunes with Dad

Tonight Dad and I played guitar together. He's a little slow, so I had to show him some tricks. Maybe someday he will have skills like I do, but for now we can only hope.... and give him weekly lessons. I love to play. I was born with a guitar.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Broadway Babies

Every Wednesday my mommy and I go to a class called Broadway Babies. I'm practicing to be a star just like my Aunt Mish. You can see my friend Jaden and I preparing for class in the first picture.

I was really excited because todays show was Peter Pan. That means that we sing a lot of songs from the Peter Pan play, and our in house actors dress like Peter Pan and Wendy.

We had a great time playing with ducks and banging on drums. Here you can see me counting the eyes on my crazy pink bird puppet. I found out that it has two eyes.

In this next picture you can see Jaden growing. We all watered him with our water cans and he started to grow, just like a seed. There are lots of other nice kids in my class, especially one named Devon. Last week I was making eyes at him and smiling at him. I think that he noticed me. Also, there is Chloe, but she wasn't at class for Peter Pan.

It's Been a Long Day

I had a great day today. It was so great in fact that I only took one short nap because I didn't want to miss any playtime. I might have had a world record tonight for jumping. My daddy put me in the jumper around 8pm and I jumped for about 3 hours straight. I guess I must have just passed out. I mean, even the Jumpster gets tired sometimes.