Monday, April 13, 2009


The Easter Bunny brought me a 100 piece puzzle!!! I couldn't believe it! Mom said that if I was a bad little girl, the Easter Bunny wouldn't bring me any candy. I didn't believe her and even said that I didn't want the Easter Bunny to visit. I like being naughty too much. Well I didn't believe it, so when I saw that my sister had a big basket with lots of candy and I only had a puzzle, well I did what comes naturally. I HAD A FIT! I cried, I screamed, I threw the basket.

Dad and Mom told me that they had seen another basket somewhere, so I looked around and you know what? The Easter Bunny really did bring me a basket. With fancy shoes and yummy candy and I was soooo happy.

Maybe being a bad girl isn't such a good idea...

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Exploring Brooklyn

I went with Mom, Dad, and Little Sis to Brooklyn last Sunday. The weather was gorgeous and the folks were really nice. I'm wearing my green dress and magic red shoes. I'm sooo beautiful. Little Sis and I explored around the park area. She's becoming a little minx and very bold. Last week she was playing in the bathroom and used up all the paper for our butts!