Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bizzu Bizzo

I learned how to say zees this week and I love how it feels on my tongue! I also love dogs. I see them all around New York. I wish that I could have a dog, but dad doesn't really want the responsibility. He says that he doesn't want to be one of those sorry sops who gets up at 6am in the morning to walk the dog. Oh well, I am going to visit Mimi and Pops in California and they have a black lab named Lulu so I am really excited to play with her. Not much else is going on in my life, just a lot of playing in the park. Oh yeah, and I learned about rocking this week. I really dig rocking. I sit in the big rocker with dad and we rock a lot. Wow, what fun!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I love to Eat Nananas

I love to eat. This is me after I ate a bowlful of raspberries and some other yummy foods, I think maybe melon. I can put down three slices of melon in five minutes flat. MMMMMMMMM. I really like to eat. The other day I pulled dad's sandwich away from him and ate it. I'm glad I did, because it was GOOD. I also went to a coffeeshop and mom ordered an eclair. She let me have some and MMMMMM, it was DELICIOUS. I am a big fan of chocolate. I really liked the eclair, but mom hog-jawed most of it. Oh well. I couldn't even tell her that I wanted more. All I could say was mmmmmmm.

This is me eating nananas. I wake up in the morning hungry for nananas. Yesterday I was a little disappointed because mom didn't have a nanana for me and I had to have yogurt with fresh raspberries. I was still pissed when it was finished. I just couldn't get enough. Oh yeah, and I really love to play with my food. If I'm done eating I really like to squish it, and pound it, and mush it, and roll it, and then I like to drop it off the side of my high chair so I can look over and see where it lands. If mom doesn't sweep, it's a tasty treat for later. MMMMMMMMM