Sunday, November 30, 2008

Swimming With Wujeck Stefan

I've progressed a lot since last summer and I am over my aversion to my Uncle Stefan. Bramps has now been replaced and Uncle Stefan is my new BFF. We play in the pool everyday for a couple of hours and last night we even washed dishes together. It was great until Uncle Stefan gave me a small glass dish to dry and I dropped it. Yes it shattered all over the floor and then we got to do some vaccuuming together!

Giving Thanks

Does this look familiar? Yep, similar to last Thanksgiving. I just love big leg bones. My turkey dinner was great, especially because it lasted two nights. Brammy loves cooking turkey, so she did it two nights in a row. Besides eating turkey, I've been giving thanks. I give thanks for fabulous shoes, other people's handbags, and family. Especially my Little Sister. I love her soo much. Oh yeah, and Brammy, and Bramps, and Uncle Stefan....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's All About Bramps

I love my Bramps. We traveled to California together for the Thanksgiving holiday and he and I did some really cool stuff. Like shop at the candy kiosk where he bought me some really LOOONNG and YUMMMMY gummy snakes. He also taught me how to double up a straw so that it would fit in my drink. Now he's my current BFF. He turns on Tom and Jerry DVD for me, he helps me swim in the hot tub, and he peels lots of clementines for me. Thanks for all the help Bramps.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

NYC Marathon

I saw the NYC marathon for the first time and it was pretty cool. There was a lot of people running. I don't know where they were running to, but there were a lot of them. I even saw a naked runner. Well he had a small little fluorescent green running suit that handled the goods if you know what I mean. I would have probably enjoyed it more if I weren't so preoccupied with wanting to go to the playground. We walked to the marathon and Mom and Dad wouldn't let me stop to play in Central Park. What kind of parents would do that?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Happy Halloween

This was the beginning and best part of the night. In the picture I am so happy because I have discovered what Halloween is all about...CANDY...FREE CANDY...and lots of it. All you have to do is say "Trick or treat" and you get CANDY. I must of hit ten blocks of stores and it was the same every time. Dad would hold open the door and I would go in looking all cute and say "Trick or treat" (of course nobody wanted to play any tricks on me) and I would score some loot. Leaving every place I would say,"Happy Halloween" to the vendor and "Lets go to another house!" to Daddy. (I don't really know the difference between stores and houses living in NYC. Who cares as long as they have FREE CANDY! And yes, to all you suburbians out there, many New Yorkers trick or treat at the shops because they are on the ground floors.)

We were even going to go to a block party at 6pm, but at ten to six Little Sis started puking her guts out so we had to abort the mission and go straight home, where she proceeded to puke for another couple of hours. What a drag. The next night I did the same thing. Mommy told me it was because I ate a ton of candy, so I decided to give up candy for the next couple of days. I'm back on it of course. Nothing can keep me from my CANDY.