Friday, September 11, 2009

Lobster Roll Lunch

We went on a road trip to Deer Isle and it was a very beautiful place, but it was a little spooky too. Kind of like right out of a Stephen King novel. All the people were really nice...well maybe not the hostess at the restaurant we ate at... but everyone else was, but it seemed like they could have all been hiding some kind of secret. I'm too young to really think about that kind of stuff, but I was a little afraid of the lady at the restaurant who said the umbrellas wouldn't go up when we knew they would. (See the one in the background, she opened it later for another party, probably some locals.) She didn't like us. We were outsiders. Unlike most horror novels we didn't stick around to investigate. We ate our lobster rolls and were out of there.

My First Canoe Ride

August was a whirlwind of a month with mom packing for our move and all. Then as soon as we moved into a new house, we were off on a trip to Maine. I couldn't figure out which house was mine with so many beds that I was sleeping in. This canoe ride helped me meditate and sort things out. We had seven sleepovers at our cabin in Maine and it was pure bliss.