Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Bear Hugs

I am bigger than my sister, so it is really easy to take advantage of her and tease her, which I have been practicing lately...the art of antagonizing my sister. I take her things and wave them in front of her, just so she knows I HAVE THEM and she DOESN'T. I ride on toys that she likes and make loud noises so that she looks my way and gets upset because I'm having more fun than she is. My favorite of all is to give her kisses and hugs and rub her head really hard so that she cries. Just to make sure she knows I love her.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Queen Boopsieboo is Back

Recently I haven't felt like posing for the camera, so I've taken a blog sabatical. Sometimes things just need to be private. You can see by this photo that I am thrilled to be back. What have I been doing for the past three months? Well I've been holed up in a small NYC apartment driving my mother insane because with the energy I have, only a mansion can tire me out. I need VAST space. But when mom wants to go to the park, suddenly I get tired and can't walk by myself, instead I make my exhausted mother push me in the stroller.

I am queen Boopsieboo of course. Aren't queens supposed to drive whomever is around them crazy? Can you see my beautiful outfit? It may be the first day of spring, but in my world it is summer all the time. I wear my swimsuit around my apartment no matter what degree it is outside. I love the cold, especially when I can wear a bathing suit.