Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm New and Improved 3

Bye bye Terrible Twos, hello Happy, Always listen to Mommy and Daddy Threes! I had a three day birthday for my 3rd birthday and it has been overwhelming, but my more mature self can handle it. Here are some candid shots of me, the birthday girl.
I easily blew the candles out, something I haven't achieved until this year.
I even have a new boyfriend, in the form of Spongebob.

I went to Times Square and rode the ferris wheel in Toys R Us. Then we went to Ellen's Stardust Diner for lunch. I was speechless the whole meal. I think I've found my calling- Broadway.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Driving to Brammy's

Tales from the couch part 2...


I am going through a lot of old photos for a school project and I found this little gem of myself talking on the phone. (I think it is circa spring 2007)

Things that are the same:
I still love my Bee, and I take it almost everywhere.
I try to play with Playdoh whenever I can.
I still talk on the cell phone, but not as much.
I can make my room this messy in 60 seconds or less.
I use my boom-box constantly to drive my mother skitzo.

Things that are different:
The dirty old couch is gone, a crib has replaced it.
My Bee is a brownish color, not the pretty pink you see in the picture.
My feet are about 3 sizes larger.
I've updated my cell phone to the Chocolate.