Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Me and Baby Sister

I really love my baby sister. I like to put my face right up next to hers and give her kisses. I have been singing her songs, really loudly, right in her face too, just to make sure she hears them. I also like to share my food with her, I tried to feed her a cracker the other day, but mom got really upset, and I thought I was being so nice, sharing like a big sister should. It is a little confusing with my baby sister, because I am trying to be so nice to her and hanging out with her, but mom gets a little spastic when I do. I think mom is having some personal issues. Doesn't everyone just want to be loved?

Where's Waldo....uhm, Tassy?

With a new person in the family spitting up all the time, and having power blow-outs (no that isn't me anymore) we sure have a lot of laundry to do. We did seven loads of laundry over the weekend and boy was it a chore. I really like it though because I get to help dad and he gives me rides in the cart. Can you find me?

Me at Mohonk

About a week after Tula was born, we went to the Mohonk House for a long weekend to enjoy the fall foliage in the Adirondacks. It was great because I was able to hang out with Mimi and Pops a whole lot- I even got to sleep in their room. Pops always has gummy candies on hand, so I follow him around everywhere. I dig treats the most. Besides eating candy, I ate a lot of meat and noodles and corn. MMM, I love corn on the cob. I needed lots of food because I hiked a lot around Mohonk Lake and around the huge building- the long, wide hallways are great for running in (even though there are signs that say "Parents, don't let your kids run in the hallways."). I also was able to go on my first rowboat ride- don't I look smashing in my life vest?

Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm a Big Sister!

After waiting since January, I finally have a little sister! It is a pretty big event and I'm somewhat fragile right now, but it is neat to have a little baby around. She has really little fingers and toes and she sleeps all the time. I love to give her tisses on the cheek. I'm going to write more later because I want to hang out with my fam right now. You can see more pictures of Tula.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Breakfast with Aunties Laura and Nora

I am such a lucky little girl because I have two beautiful Aunts with rhyming names (and they both even look alike)! I went to brunch with them and had such a wonderful time because they both love me so much and are very attentive. I love them too. We talk and play and joke around, I couldn't be happier sitting between the two of them.

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Baby is Coming

I don't know when exactly the baby is coming, but mom says any day now. Mom was due on October 3rd, but her original due date was October 10th, so it's any body's guess as to when the baby will arrive. She went to the doctor's the other day to see how the baby was doing inside her belly and they told her it was about 8 and a half pounds. That's a big baby! I guess the baby is doing just fine and doesn't want to come out. I am somewhat ambivalent about the whole process, but I will be very excited to have a baby to play with. Mommy says that I am still her favorite daughter, but not for long. Pretty soon she will have two favorite daughters.