Sunday, July 30, 2006

Yeah Baby!

I'm feeling pretty groovy in my mom's sunglasses. I like to pull them off her face and wear them myself. I also have one of my more favorite outfits on, although my dad is worried that it is a little low cut for a young lady like me. It is pretty sunny and hot here in New York, even hotter than California. This past weekend my parents went to Amy's wedding (remember the post telling about her engagement?) and I stayed with my gramps. I had a great time running around and I think he had an even better time chasing me!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Me and My Doorag


Well Mimi and Pops brought me back a scarf for my hair from Sicily, because that is what is hot in Italy right now and they wanted me to be on the cutting edge of fashion. I try to take it off all the time, but if I forget it's there then I don't mind having it on. I'm visiting my Mimi and Pops in California and I have to say it is dreamy out here. I can sleep all the way through the night without sweating from steamy heat. It's amazing, a California heat wave is peanuts compared to a New York heat wave. You haven't been hot until you've been to NYC during a heat wave, especially in my apartment where you put on two air conditioners at the same time and glass fuses start bursting!

I've been doing a lot of exploring in the big house that I'm staying in. There are sure a lot of rooms that I can crawl and play in. I like climbing on the stairs and having my mom chase after me. I also like to climb through the kitchen chairs as you can see here in this picture.

After all the swimming and crawling and climbing and walking I usually like to take a nap with Lulu. She's my grandparents' black Lab and I enjoy hanging out with her. She really likes having me around because she gets a lot more food scraps than usual.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Watch Me Walk

Hello to all my fans out there, this is a big day in Cassidyland...I can walk. I am about to show you my tricks.

Before we get going I have to take a time out to do a Downward Dog, one of my favorite positions that I learned from my Yoga Grammy when I was just a little baby sitting in my Bumbo chair.

This is me falling and one of the reasons why I don't like walking: the gravitational pull.

Here I am taking a moment to decide if it is all really worth it, I mean crawling is great and I use all 4 quadrants of my brain when I do it, but my butt hurts!

I decide that walking is kind of addictive and I would like to give it another go.

After practicing all day I can run.

I've learned how to muli-task; I can suck on my blankie and walk to mom at the same time.