Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm Still the Cutest

I've been so busy lately practicing walking and swinging in the park that I have had very little time to BLOG. I had a wonderful first birthday (as you can see from the last post) and now it's back to life as usual. I eat bananas in the morning, yogurt in the afternoon, and sweet potatoes with chicken at night. It's subsidized by food off my mom's plate (or dirt from the plant pots if I'm really sneaky). Oh yeah, and lots of Cheerios. I love crawling around, especially in my tutu, but I am still afraid to walk.

I can stand by myself, but I rarely do it, because I am too afraid. I can even run around the apartment, that is if I am holding onto someones hands. I absolutely hate going to bed at night, and even during the afternoon if action is going on. I usually give a bloodcurdling scream when I am left in my crib alone. And I love doing somersaults on mommy and daddy's bed (Grammy taught me how). Well I have to go start my day, so I'll talk to you all later.

Here I am SOO BIG. I have even moved onto milk, no more formula for this girl!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cassica...My Birthday Week

What a great 1st birthday week I had. It began a couple days early with a bottle of pink champagne from Amy Lynn. Unfortunately for me I was only able to play with the bottle. I still am not sure what to do with presents, but there were many children at my birthday who were able to help me out.

I received some really great gifts, like my own stroller! And a pink tutu! I never even knew this kind of stuff existed.

I know these pictures make it look like I was the only one at my party, but there were like 20 people there. I'm serious! It was great. I really liked being a show off in front of everyone.

The best part was the cake. I have never tasted anything so glorious. It was so yummy. I got it everywhere.